Kid Gloves Delivery -  Toronto, Ontario Kid Gloves Delivery -  Toronto, Ontario




Delivery Zones

We deliver to all points in the GTA.

Delivery charges include a Base Price + Distance:
(+ load/unload or waiting, if required + weight $1 per 15 pounds, if required)

Base Price for envelopes and small parcels = $10
Base Price for larger parcels and shipments = $20
Base Price for oversized cargo = $50

Distance is calculated on the perpendicular according to map zones:
$1.50 per zone (each square = 1 zone)

Please refer to the following map for zones inside the Toronto area
and to the section at the bottom of this page for flat rates on distances beyond City of Toronto parameters.

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Delivery Area -  Kid Gloves Delivery - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


City of Toronto Map





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