We are a local courier company with a commitment to service. We make every effort to accommodate your special requests and concerns. We will make pit stops as necessary, facilitate drop times, take a proactive role in third party arrangements, keep you informed of unexpected circumstances, and assist with cost and time estimates at point of ordering.

In our 30 years of operation we have cultivated productive relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since our inception. In the course of daily business affairs we have developed an enviable reputation for efficiency and honesty, among customers and couriers alike. We value straightforward and respectful transactions and welcome all like-minded customers.

We open new accounts of all sizes. KG's clientele is predominantly based in the media industry.

KG drivers are independent brokers. Contact with our fleet is maintained throughout the delivery day by 2-way radio or cell phone. Many of our staff are long-time veterans of the courier business. All are team players who celebrate the importance of independent entrepreneurship.

Kid Gloves provides a respectful working environment that values expertise, supports fairness, encourages initiative, and is sympathetic to diversity.

Kid Gloves Delivery is Toronto’s alternative courier!